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Dining Room Lighting

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Style refers to the design elements of products that you can refine down on.
Select the color that best fits with your space.

Family / Collection
Many of our products are part of collections that consist of different products with the same style/design.
Height (in)
Height represents the measurement from top to bottom on a product.

This filter is measured in inches.
Number of Lights
Refine your results by the total count of Lights on a product.

Note for LED fixtures:  The total count of LED's is generally higher than the normal count of lights.  Example a 1 light LED fixture may have 10 LED's
Alexa - Pendants Light - 1 Light in Modern style - 5.13 Inches wide by 7.75 Inches high
Inspire - Pendants Light - 1 Light - Drum Shade in Transitional and Traditional style - 6.5 Inches wide by 6.25 Inches high
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