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About Rolling Umbrellas:

Moving shade sounds crazy when you think about it. But it'd be nice if you could have shade exactly where you want it, right? But lifting a heavy patio umbrella is hard, that's why Rolling Umbrellas are so great.

Heavy concrete umbrella bases are a pain, and frustrating to use. But Rolling Umbrellas are easy, and let you move the shade anywhere you want. Just roll a rolling umbrella on its wheeled base, and the rolling umbrella gives you plenty of shade, right where you want it.

When the sun moves, so does the shade. Rolling Umbrellas make the problem easy to fix. You don't have to move inside when the shade moves, or sit uncomfortably in the sun, Rolling Umbrellas roll with you and gives you the shade you need to enjoy the outdoors.

Rolling Umbrellas give you the freedom to move where you want. Old patio umbrellas lock you into one place, and if you move, it's difficult and frustrating to move the umbrella. But Rolling Umbrellas makes moving the shade easy. The Rolling Umbrellas unique idea lets you roll shade to beat the sun. Just roll and go. Rolling Umbrellas follow easily wherever you go.

Rolling Umbrellas unique design makes it quick and easy to use. Just grab the pole, and roll the umbrella anywhere you need it. No heavy lifting or clumsy taking apart pieces and putting together again. Just grab and roll. Rolling Umbrellas are so easy to use, anybody can do it.

Our rolling umbrella is built of quality construction, it's built to last. The rolling umbrella is designed with years of use in mind. Getting a rolling umbrella will give you years of moveable shade, it could be the only rolling umbrella that you'll ever need. Don't think about standard umbrella's any more, think about Rolling Umbrellas.

Our Rolling Umbrellas have an attractive design, and their stylish. Our Rolling Umbrellas go with any patio furniture, and are sure to make a nice accent to any set. Our Rolling Umbrellas are an attractive addition to any summer patio.

Don't be locked into rigid shade. Get a rolling umbrella on your patio and move the shade where you need it. Get a rolling umbrella.

Check out our large selection of Rolling Umbrellas today at Patio Products USA, your one stop shop for Patio Umbrellas.